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Pepper mill VOLTE 10cm


Pepper mill mecanism Steel

New product

This is a discreet and original mini table model. It offers a good grip thanks to its wide flat lid, its assertive base and its polished shape. The 7 cm mini versions are perfect for tables for two.

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The mills with a transparent acrylic body are filled with pepper or salt according to the model.

The acrylic body allows to view the spices in the mill. 

The tops of the mills are made of chrome-plated ABS.

Weight (in grams)151
Size (in cm)10

Lifetime guaranteed steel mechanism

Fully unscrew the upper knob and remove the cap. Fill-up with pepper and reassemble the mill.

Grinding adjustment with the knob: the more you tighten it up, the finer the grinding (spicy but less flavored). If you loosen it, the coarser the grinding is (flavored but less spicy).

Always rotate the mill top clockwise to get the best grinding and this also protects the teeth of the grinder.

Usage with all types of peppercorns (white, black or mixed pepper). Never fill with salt.

Care : Dry clean. Do not wet. Do not leave near a heating source. Avoid shocks.


Lifetime warranty of the mechanism and 3-year warranty of the mill against any manufacturing defects and under normal conditions of use. 

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