Spices mill RUMBA coloured 20cm


Grinding setting with the mill knob

New product

A mill with symmetrical and well-rounded curves. The glossy lacquered finish and the vitamin shades bring a colourful touch and brighten up the kitchen and table. It offers a good grip and a convenient size. 

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This rangeof classical mills is made of beech wood (PEPan European Forest Certification, beech wood used comes from             sustainable managed forest). The wood is lacquered : one coat of white lacquer then three coats of the color.

These mills are delivered empty.

Weight (in grams)356
Size (in cm)20

Ceramic mechanism

Fully unscrew the upper knob and remove the cap
Remove the sealing tab squeezed in the grinder by pulling out firmly
Fill-up with spices and reassemble the mill.

usage :
Grind by turning the cap clockwise.
Grinding adjustment : tighten the upper knob to grind thinner, untighten to grind coarser.
Using wet grey coarse salt is not recommended.
Care : Dry clean. Do not wet. Do not leave near a heating source. Avoid shocks.


3-year warranty against any manufacturing defects and under normal conditions of use

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